About Us

With a passion for mixing fashion with comfort, I launched Aelia Towel in 2013 in Thessaloniki.

Aelia hamman towels are created for us from an eco-friendly cloth which combines the natural fibres of cotton, linen and bamboo.

This combination gives a light-weight, highly absorbent and very beautiful towel. I’m passionate about Aelia, and about providing you with a product to promote your business in a practical and stylish way.

Some suggestions for using Aelia Towel: as a towel for the beach, bath, spa, yoga and even as a baby towel. Aelia towels make practical beach wraps, as a lightweight blanket, perhaps a curtain or a table cloth, a picnic throw or maybe as a kitchen towel and they make lovely gifts too.

For details of the Aelia products, the range of services we can provide to your company, and our consultancy service for promoting your business please contact us...